Featured Catholic shirts

Every man deserves a shirt that elevates his style and his faith.

Wake up, caffeinate, and pray

Enhance your morning routine with a reminder to prioritize prayer and connect with your faith daily.

Every man deserves a quality Catholic shirt

Catholic men love our shirts

Featured can coolers

These shirts don't cause miracles, but we like to pretend they do

Catholic shirt for men tshirt button up

Protecting men from evil, so they can protect you ⚔️ 

When fully buttoned, these shirts enhance men's ability to safeguard their homes and hearts from wickedness.

Pictured: Liturgical Year Shirt

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RCIA classes nearing full capacity

Unfortunately, these shirts have led to a significant increase in the number of men converting to Catholicism, resulting in limited availability in RCIA classes.

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Grillin,' chillin,' and instillin' the faith 🔥

These shirts spark conversations about faith, whether you're camping, sipping bourbon, or simply spending time with friends.

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