Protecting men from evil, so they can protect you (Catholic Humor) ⚔️

Catholic men shirt button up tshirt

In a world full of spiritual trials and tribulations, Catholic gentlemen are called to be the guardians of their homes and hearts. Luckily, we've got just what you need—a cool shirt (and some other practical tools, too). ⚔️🛡️

This article takes you through a few features of our shirts and then give some actual ways to protect your home and heart from evil! Hope you enjoy!

Shirt features

Sharp collar, sharp heart

Our sharp collar is more than just a style choice – it's a sword that boldly proclaims, "I love Jesus and Mary." And it helps you look sharp, too!

One material

These shirts are made from 100% cotton, a nod to our Catholic Biblical history (remember the Old Testament?!). Yeah.. just kidding! They're cotton because we want only the best materials and quality for our Catholic men.

A coat of armor

Isn't it cool to think that you're not just putting on a regular shirt? You're donning visual representations of Catholic themes, sacraments, virtues, and saints. It's more than cool; it's a testament to your faith.


All humor aside, here are some actual recommended prayers and accessories to protect your home from evil

1. Blood of Jesus Prayer

Invoke the blood of Jesus to cover and protect your home and loved ones daily.

2. Crucifix or Scapular

Wear a Crucifix or Scapular as a shield for your heart, a constant reminder of your faith.

3. Medal of St. Benedict

The medal of St. Benedict is a powerful source of protection against the Enemy – wear it with faith.

4. Window Rosary for your home

Our Beloved Mother is a powerful force for our faith. Have her help you protect your home with a beautiful, bright window rosary.


Thanks for reading! God Bless!



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