Why We Don't Use Synthetic Materials

Our 100% cotton shirts are taking on the fast fashion giants head-on, and here's why they're winning the battle.

In a world where fast fashion giants churn out cheap, synthetic garments using questionable labor practices, there are finally Catholic clothing options that take care of our beautiful Earth and our bodies... and St. Francis of Assisi would definitely approve. 


1. Eco-Friendly

Almost 60% of all clothing material is actually plastic, made up from synthetic materials like polyester and nylon which are born from petrochemicals and cause all kinds of pollution in their production. But cotton? It comes straight from the cotton plant. No harmful chemicals, no carbon-heavy processes—just natural goodness. And guess what? Crunchy mamas love it too!

When you're done rocking your Catholic Forge shirt (which might take a while, trust us), it won't haunt landfills for thousands of years like those cheap synthetic shirts everyone else is selling. Cotton is biodegradable, so it gracefully returns to the earth without wreaking havoc. St. Francis of Assisi gives it a high-five!

2. Skin-Loving Softness

We're here for your comfort too. Our 100% cotton shirts are as gentle as a hug from grandma. They're breathable, which means no more feeling like you're trapped in a sauna. Cotton lets your skin breathe, so you'll stay cool and comfy, even in a heatwave.

Got sensitive skin? No worries! Cotton's hypoallergenic nature makes it your skin's best friend. Say goodbye to those itchy, scratchy sensations from synthetic fabrics. With our shirts, you'll feel good, and your skin will thank you.

3. Timeless & Built to Last

The average person today buys 60% more clothes than they did 15 years ago, but keeps them for only half as long because synthetic clothing just doesn't last, and is often discarded before it's been worn 10 times. 

Cotton fibers are durable, which means your Catholic Forge shirt can hang in your closet for years without looking like it's been through a war. We hope this shirt can take the place of several new shirts that would be discarded in your closet over the next 15 years.

Unlike some fabrics that lose their shape, fade, or fall apart, cotton just keeps on keeping on. It's like a fashion time traveler that never goes out of style. So, whether you're heading to Mass, chilling with friends, or heading out for a nice meal, your Catholic shirt will be your trusty sidekick.

4. A Premium Design

We get it, our shirts aren't for everyone. And, let's face it, not everyone's a fan of ironing their clothes.

But here's the deal: at Catholic Forge, we're all about going the extra mile. We value quality and craftsmanship, just as we do in our faith. Taking care of our shirts is an extension of what we stand for as Catholics.

Sure, it takes a bit more effort, but that effort reflects our commitment to principles. Our shirts aren't just clothing; they're symbols of our values, our care for the environment, and our fellow humans. We believe that this extra effort is worth every stitch.

5. So, Here We Are

Our 100% cotton shirts aren't just a fashion statement; they're a commitment to taking care of our beautiful Earth and the bodies God gave us. It's time to ditch the fast fashion frenzy and opt for shirts that are as awesome as you are. Biodegradable, quality shirts that are actually built to last.

As we continue our journey at Catholic Forge, we ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom to help us make decisions that lead us all closer to Christ. Please pray for us as we pray for you.

Thanks for reading! God Bless!


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